AI Research Studio

Exploring a new world of opportunities with AI

The potential of AI is massive, and we should not waste it on simplistic and obvious applications, but rather be driven to uncover the hidden possibilities that can bring meaningful change.

That is what we do, and that is what we repeat ourselves every day.

The most important question

We have been dreaming of AI for years, and now that we have it: What's next? We aim to contribute to the answer with three different approaches.

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Idea laboratory

With the support of cutting-edge AI technology, we build ideas we find interesting. These ideas may further evolve into actual startups, be released to the community as open-source repositories, or, if they are not valuable, may just be sunsetted.

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Community resources

We build community resources aimed to encourage developers and makers to build AI-powered products that align with the core values we believe in.

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Product studio

We help startups and companies to ideate, design and build meaningful products taking advantage of the latest AI models on the market.

Our values

AI is perhaps the most powerful technology ever created by humans. Therefore, we must intentionally reflect upon what we intend to build with it.


We value creativity and encourage our team to think outside the box to develop new original solutions to complex problems.


We are committed to conducting our research in an ethical and responsible manner, never building products that go against human values.


We believe that knowledge should be freely available to all, so we support responsible open-access technology and open-data initiatives.


We are driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the world, mainly focused on education, personal development, and healthcare.


We commit to contributing to the wider AI research community through initiatives that promote knowledge-sharing and collaboration.


We believe privacy is one of the core human values we must not lose, and that's why we follow the highest quality standards for protecting user privacy.

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Our thoughts on AI alignment

Building trust in AI requires a commitment to responsible development and deployment, which includes ensuring that AI systems are aligned with human values.

The development of AI has the potential to bring tremendous benefits to humanity, but it also poses significant risks if not properly aligned with human values.

To ensure that AI systems behave in ways that are beneficial and aligned with our goals, we need to invest much more money and time in AI alignment research.

We need a much deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying AI systems, including their decision-making processes and how they learn. Mechanistic interpretability is crucial for achieving this understanding, as it allows us to trace the reasoning and decision-making of AI systems and identify potential biases or misalignments.

Without such interpretability, we risk deploying AI systems that behave in ways that are unaligned with our goals and therefore could end up being harmful in direct or indirect ways.

At Tonki Labs, we join the growing community of AI researchers that asks the government for regulation, as well as for big AI research laboratories to reassess the R&D budget allocation to radically increase investment in AI alignment research.

We will never build, promote, or support any AI models or tools that we believe pose a threat to humanity. At the same time, we believe the decision on regulation should be an open conversation and we are deeply committed to adapting our research approach and day-to-day operations based on the conclusions and findings of this conversation, even to the extent of ceasing our operations.

Dive in our work and join our growing community

If your values and interests towards AI resonate with ours, we invite you to take a look at our products released at the Idea Laboratory, spend some time checking our Community Resources, or send a message to our Product Studio.